12 Years Ago I Was Told

I Had Three Months To Live…
Today I AM

Seeking Awareness
Personal Power
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  1. Amy Lightsey says:

    Hi Ursla!

    Thank you for the samples! We met in the suana with out the red light! After our trip back from Naples I have found out my brother who is 7 yrs older than me has been diagnosed with 18 tumors around his thyroid! I believe it is Faith that brought us to meet!! We will not know anything until this coming up Friday after he has his biopsey done. I am purchasing three books today, one for me, my brother and a girlfriend who has two young adult children and has been a single mother for years, she just found she has a rare form of tumors in her breast.

    I do believe our wellness is from faith, vitamins and our food! I have read Suzanne Summers book Breakthrough 4 yrs ago and I believe she helped me too! My breast have had 4 yrs of no cyst or fibronomas! My weight is back down from years of weight gain, and I feel vibrant again!

    I just wanted to say Thank you!!

    Amy Lightsey

    *Ritz Carlton

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