The importance of mind power

Ms. Kaiser says her personal experience shows that the power of faith and belief can be a potent force for healing.

“I was determined not to give up,” she says. “I believed that I would get well. That belief is very important, regardless of the treatment. If someone believes that chemotherapy will help them, then that can be a powerful step toward ensuring that the chemo will do just that.

“The mind is crucial in all sorts of therapies. We should never underestimate its power.”

Ms. Kaiser’s observations are shared by others.

Gary Elkins, director of the Mind Body Medicine Research Laboratory at Baylor University, has said: “The concept of hope and a fighting spirit, how powerful can that be in fighting cancer? We don’t know. But we do know that there’s a very strong placebo effect in medicine. If a patient believes something will work, it often does. Researchers try to rule out the placebo effect in studies. But if you’re in the business of caring for patients, if something works, we should use it.”

Donald Abrams, a medical doctor and researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, told the AARP Bulletin: “My approach is if something is safe, and there’s a chance that it may help, why not encourage patients who are interested to give it a try?” A wonderful life

Ms. Kaiser continues on her path of education and sharing, especially in the area or nutrition. She adheres to a diet that is mostly vegetarian, although she does occasionally eat fish. She plays tennis and golf several times each week, lifts weights regularly, engages in yoga and takes long walks. She says her blood work continues to show an absence of cancer.

Save for occasional trips to the dermatologist, Ms. Kaiser does not see a medical doctor for ongoing care. She has blood work done through a local lab and consults with holistic health experts and nutritionists.

“I have wonderful life,” she says. “Many doctors say that if you have had ovarian cancer you are at high risk for a secondary cancer, like breast cancer, but that has not been true for me. I don’t believe that my case is an isolated one. I think others can have the same benefits that I enjoy, and that is what I am devoting my life to now.”

Ms. Kaiser is at work on a book that tells her story and sets forth her views on alternative health care. She speaks to small groups interested in natural approaches to healing and offers support and guidance to those who have been diagnosed with cancer or are interested in natural ways to prevent the disease.

She welcomes inquiries from cancer patients or anyone interested in natural health regimes and can be reached at 594-1201.

When speaking of herself, Ms. Kaiser disdains words like “remission” or “cured” or even “survivor.”

Instead, she prefers a simple statement of what she absolutely believes to be fact.

“I will not die from cancer.”

via Eleven years ago, Ursula Kaiser was told she had three months to live. Today she is … CANCER-FREE | | Florida Weekly.

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