Working the puzzle

In Naples, Ms. Kaiser continued to explore and study non-traditional treatments and new ways of living her life.

“A doctor told me that treating an illness is like working a crossword puzzle,” she says. “You have to keep trying different things, different approaches, until you find a way to make the pieces fit. That is how you overcome illness, and that is what I have done.”

Ms. Kaiser concedes that some of the things she has tried — listening to the humming frequency of a bumble bee, for example — might seem totally nuts to those unfamiliar with or skeptical of alternative therapies.

“It’s a mistake to reject something outright simply because it seems odd or unusual,” she says. “I did a tremendous amount of research and study.”

Ms. Kaiser admits that she was luckier than many cancer patients. She had sufficient financial resources and ready access to information that helped her enormously in her struggle and kept her outlook positive and hopeful.

She believes optimal treatment combines traditional, mainstream medical practices with alternative methods. But most physicians know little about nontraditional treatments, she says, adding that means patients often must seek out these options on their own.

“I think most people need help evaluating these things, and that is what I do now,” she says. Aiming to help cancer patients learn about their treatment options, she describes her role as a guide. “And I do not tell people to walk away from traditional treatments.”



  1. Marty Parker says:

    I doubt you read this yourself with your busy schedule, but if you do .. I just wanted to say that years ago when we met I thought of you as a person to be admired………I still think so. You are SO inspiring. Best Regards, Marty

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