My Journey to Wellness

Ursula Kaiser - My Journy to wellness

In this book My Journey to Wellness, you will find the following information,

  • Imagine having specific remedies that my friends and I have used to beat cancer naturally.
  • Imagine life not feeling alone. Having information at your finger tips will save you hundreds of hours of research. This book will guide you how to move forward.
  • Imagine living life to the fullest with no more fear nor worry about what the next step is. You will receive tips on prevention, recipes, emotional healing, necessary cleanses, and so much more to keep your health at optimal levels…

Understanding How To Listen To The Body Is Critical!


Gain the clarity, confidence, and certainty to set and achieve your biggest, boldest health goals in nurturing your body back to health, wellness, and living an abundant life…



How I Beat Cancer Naturally
Tips On Prevention
Necessary Cleanses For Optimal Health

By Ursula Kaiser

Ursula Kaiser is available to speak and share her book on
MY JOURNEY TO WELLNESS, How She Beat Cancer Naturally, Tips On Prevention, and Necessary Cleanses For Optimal Health.

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